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  Tour Packages : Inbound
Thailand Special Tour Packages by Alex Holiday

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Temple and City Tour (USD12)

  • To introduce you to Bangkok, this programme features a drive across the city where you can experience the unique blend between the old & the new as well as classical & modern parts of the city. Visit the most outstanding temples (wat), including Wat Trimitr or The Golden Buddha Temple, Wat Pho with its Reclining Buddha and Marble Temple
  • At The Golden Buddha Temple or Wat Trimitr, you will see the world's largest Golden Buddha image, Phra Maha Suwanpatimakorn, the precious image, 5 metres (approximately 16 feet) high, consisting of 5.51 tons of solid gold. It is brilliant piece of work; the ferfect flowing lines, pensive expression, and intricate details make this perhaps the most beautiful Buddha image in Thailand, a priceless work of art.
  • Wat Pho or The Reclining Buddha Temple consists of a large compound just a few hundred meters south of the Royal Palace. It houses a marvellous 46 meters long, gilded reclining Buddha, in its own Vihara. The principal Buddha image is “Phra Buddha Deva Patimakorn” in a gesture of seated Buddha on a three tiered pedestal called Phra Pang Smardhi (Lord Buddha in the posture of conoentration), and some ashes of King Rama I are kept under the pedestal.
  • Wat Benjamabopit Dusitwanaram (Wat Ben) or the Marble Temples. King Rama V had the temple completely rebuilt and bestowed upon it the name Wat Benjamabopit Dusitwanaram, meaning the Temple of the Fifth King. He placed Prince Narissaranuwattiwong, the nation's chief architect, in change of the design and construction with mixture of many influences but the most famous is white marble from Italy.

Include : Transport, Entrance Fee, Tourist Guide, personal accident insurance for 5 days advance booking
Duration :07:30-12:00 & 12:00-17:00 Daily
price USD12 (Min 2 Pax)


***Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 3D2N (USD333)***

  • Day 1 :
  • Arrive Chiang Mai Airport and Direct to Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 to visit
  • -Royal Pavilion
  • -Corporate Garden
  • -International Garden
  • Lunch at leisure
  • Direct to Viang Pa Pao district in Chiang Rai province and check in at hotel
  • Dinner at resort and relax at leisure
  • Day 2 :
  • Breakfast at hotel and direct to Phayao province, visit Doi Busarakham Mountain, Hall of the Replica of the Emerald Buddha and Buddhagaya-style pagoda
  • Lunch at restaurant near Kwan Phayao Lake
  • Visit Phra That Sob Waen, Wat Pantaram and Thai Lue Cultural Centre
  • Direct to Chiang Rai province to visit Wat Rong Khun
  • Check in at hotel
  • Dinner at restaurant
  • Day 3 :
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Visit Golden Triangle and Golden Triangle Museum
  • Direct to Mae Sai
  • Transfer to Chiang Rai Airport and go back to Bangkok

Duration :1 Nov.06-31 Jan. 07
price USD333 /pax (min 4 pax)


Ayutthaya Tour (USD25)

  • Just 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Bangkok is the old capital of Ayutthaya (or Ayuthaya, or even Ayodhaya. No matter how you spell it, its pronounced ah-you-tah-ya.) In 1991, a vast stretch of Ayuthaya’s historical sites was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city became Thailand's capitol in the mid-14th century and remained the capitol until the late 18th century. About the time that Americans were tossing tea into Boston harbor, the Burmese attacked and sacked Ayutthaya. View city ruins of Ayutthaya, built in 1350 A.D., which had been the capital of kingdom for 400 years. Visit 3 famous temples and 1 summer palace
  • Visit the Bang-Pa-In Summer Palace consisting of the finest Thai-style architecture. The Royal Palace at Bang Pa-In has a history dating back to the 17 th century. According to a chronicle of Ayutthaya, King Prasat Thong had a palace constructed on Bang Pa-In Island in the Chao Phraya River.
  • Also visit the most important and well-known temples in Ayutthaya. Wat Phra Si Sanphet is located in the grand palace compound, it was used as a residential palace since the reign of King Ramathibodi I (Phra Chao U – Thong). Moreover, visit and pay homage the other 2 famous temples. (L)

Include : Lunch, Entrance Fee, Transport, Tourist Guide, personal accident insurance for 5 days advance booking
Duration :07:30-16:30 Daily
price USD25 (min 2 pax)


Damnernsaduak Floating Market (USD22)

  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the most popular, most photographed destination in Thailand - one of the must-see one-day trips from Bangkok, is at Ratchaburi, about 100 km to the west of Bangkok. It is the largest of its kind, attracting a large number of tourists each day. Damnoen Saduak is one of the authentic floating markets. On the way, visit Coconut Sugar Farm. Then, take a boat to Floating Market where you will see lifestyle of Thai people along the canal and after that, visit the Royal Thai Handicraft Center, where they show you how to produce wood carving.

Include : Transport, Boat, Tourist Guide, personal accident insurance for 5 days advance booking
Duration :06:00-14:00 Daily
price USD22 (Min 2 Pax)


Crocodile Farm & Elephant Theme Show (USD25)

  • Visit the world's largest elephant theme show. Watch elephant at work, dancing and playing football as well as their mighty war show. Don't miss the most exciting show, crocodile wrestling.
  • This is the 1 st time in Thailand , that an elephant show completed with dramatic sounds and narration. Be entertained to baby elephant. See how relations between elephant and people from Suay tribe who trained elephant for generation. And re-enacting Yutha Hathi, an ancient battle scene on elephant back.
  • Spectacular show of crocodile wrestling between man and crocodiles are also offers to visitors. Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo was accredited by CITES as maintaining, one of the cleanest and most impressive public crocodile displays in the world

Include : Transport, Entrance Fee, Tourist Guide, personal accident insurance for 5 days advance booking
Duration :12:00-17:30 Daily
price USD25


Ancient City Tour (USD32)

  • The Ancient City is the world's largest living outdoor museum, where Thailand's important monuments are re-created in its full majestic splendour. Through the 200-acre park, you will see the most outstanding re-creations of the Thai architecture, history and ways of life. You will also be fascinated by authentic wooden villages, temples and markets settled in their original locations by the Ancient City.

Include : Transport, Entrance Fee, Tourist Guide, personal accident insurance for 5 days advance booking
Duration :07:00-13:00 Daily
price USD32 (Min 2 Pax)


*** Siam Niramit ***(USD32)

  • Siam, the Kingdom whose history, customs and civilization have transcended time.The land of beauty and cultural treasures that have descended down through centuries. Rejoice the glory of ancient Siam and b fascinated by the wonder and grandeur of Siam Niramit, Siam - the Enchanted Kingdom . Travel back through time into the history and culture of the Kingdom of Siam. You will be amazed and captivated by
  • Journey Back Into History. For over seven centuries, Siam has been home of diverse cultures; A cross-road where civilizations met. Siam Niramit takes you back to the past to witness
  • Journey Beyond Imagination. Despite the diverse cultures and livelihood, Thai people are all bound by common belief in religious principle of the Law of Karma. The good deeds or bad deeds in this world will result in merit or suffering in the next life.
  • Journey Through Joyous Festivals. Believing that to go to Heaven, one must gather merit in their present life. In this final act Siam Niramit will take you to enjoy all year round of merit making festivals, which combine religious ceremony with colourful and joyful celebration.

Ticket Only
Duration :18.30-22.30
price USD32 (Foreign Market)


Rose Garden & Thai Village Show (USD25)

  • The Rose Garden is an enchanting, superbly landscaped tropical park on the bank of the idyllic Tachin River, 30 kms. outside Bangkok. This garden has an area of about 60 acres and consists of beautiful lawns, small lake, tropical gardens, orchards, first-class hotel with swimming pool, restaurants, children's playground, Thai and Chinese-style buildings, the famous daily Thai Village Cultural show. The Rose Garden not only is famous for roses but nowadays a lot of orchids are grown
  • Experience Thai culture in a variety of the skilfully presented performances. Witness a colourful Buddhist ordination procession, a traditional wedding ceremony and charming folk dances featuring fingernail dance, exciting and attractive hill tribe dance as well as the Thai sword-fighting. Also get a chance to ride on the elephant's back

Include : Transport, Entrance Fee, Tourist Guide, personal accident insurance for 5 days advance booking
Duration :12:00-17:30 Daliy
price USD25 (Min 2 Pax)


The Grand Palace (USD15)

  • Visit the Grand Palace,where has an area of 218,400 sq. metres and is surrounded by walls built in 1782. The length of the four walls is 1,900 metres. Enjoy visiting golden domes, inspirational spires, exotic mural paintings, breath taking ceramic decorations. There are 12 smalls pavilions surrounding the Ubosot (Chapel). Beside that, Phra Sri Rattana Chedi is on the left, Phra Mondop (Library) is on the middle and on the right is Prasart Phra Thep Bidorn are situated in The Upper Terrace. Here, words cannot describe the magnificence of this Bangkok's most famous landmark. The Grand Palace, once a royal residence, is situated in the compound of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Pra Kaew),where the world's most precious Buddha image is enshrined. In the area of palace, visit Borom Phiman Mansion, Phra Maha Monthian Group, Chakri Maha Prasat Hall and Dusit Maha Prasat Hall

Include : Transport, Entrance Fee, Tourist Guide, personal accident insurance for 5 days advance booking
Duration :07:30-12:00 & 12:00-17:00 Daily
price USD15 (Until 31 Oct '06) (Min 2 Pax)


*** Bangkok Package A 3D2N (USD60)

  • Day 1 Transfer from Airport to Guest House (L)
  • Day 2 Breakfast at Guest House. (B,L) Temple Tour & City Tour : A visit to the most outstanding temples (Wat), Wat Pho with its Reclining Buddha, Wat Trimit housing the golden Buddha and Wat Benchamabopith or the Marble Temple Royal Grand Palace and the temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Pra Kaew) the world’s most precious image of the Lord Buddha. Lunch at Restaurant. Visit Gems Factory
  • Day 3 Breakfast at Guest House and free Transfer from Guest House to Airport. (B) Remark : This program is subject to change without pior notice

The rates are for twin sharing. Include personal accident insurance for 5 days advance booking
Duration :Daily
price USD60


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