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***Dinner Cruise Wonderful Pearl*** with International Dinner Buffet Only Code S-105

  • *** No hidden cost. Our prices are cheaper include all taxes, VAT and service charges. E-voucher Confirm ***

    Wonderful Pearl (Dinner Only)
    walk-in Adult price 2500THB/Person.


    "Wonderful Pearl and Grand Pearl" Supreme Cruises luxury home design. "River" the river leading tourist caught the world !

    To More Welcome the Wonderful the Pearl.

    Wonderful Pearl and Grand Pearl Cruise ships Elegant design of the Archdiocese boat river. Explore the world leader in water levels. Invites you to experience its charms. River of Kings Immerse yourself in the fantastic all season. Impressive blend of culture and nature Thailand and lifestyles of the famous historical architecture. Enjoy a taste specialties by Chef 5 Star Obsessed with joy. At the time of your precious vacation.

    Wonderful Pearl. The size of the ship is 65 meters long, 14.5 meters wide passenger capacity of up to 650-800 fine, but if the area is exposed to a mini concert. It can hold up to 1,200 people and a boat also contains amenities and entertainment facilities such as escalators, civilized and Architecture for Disabled, door automatic, spring deck, room. seminars, a banquet hall, a stage musical to 5 meters deep and 3.5 meters wide, has a bar and a 2-powered submarines. Making it sail pass under the bridge at any moment. The water level will rise even higher.

    "Wonderful Pearl" new vessels will serve the route downstream from the jetty, River City (Si) to Rama 8 Bridge takes about 2 hours for visitors to appreciate the architectural Thailand over 2 banks of the Chao Phraya. Dinner on board with Serving on board to add the seafood chef from the kitchen and serve customers. So that customers can enjoy fresh seafood on board with shows and music that are universal to all. The atmosphere, the service, the food is standard. Like a trip abroad It is surrounded by nature, art, culture and architecture of Thailand.

    Wonderful Pearl and Grand Pearl "of the most elegant central Chao Phraya River" offers the pleasure cruise with dinner by candlelight. Enjoy the nightlife And precious architectural heritage of Thailand's picturesque waterfront, including two banks of the Chao Phraya River Church of Santa Cruz, a day Belle, Bridge, Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaew, the Royal Palace. And the Golden Gate Bridge Fun, enjoy the Temple of the Dance Thailand Dance Dance pop band jazz music lull and a live band (Serenade) offers music to every customer table with an international buffet (Thailand, China, Europe and Japan). and most impressive of Wonderful Pearl.

    19:00 hrs. Check in at River City Pier (Si), Charoen Krung 30 counter (Gate2).

    19:20 hrs. Welcome to the vessel Wonder ful Pearl warmly with music by guitarist Jose Neto paid off. And staff will welcome you with a smile. And a standard Welcome drink (Welcome Drink).

    19:30 hrs. From River City Pier Enjoy a dinner buffet. Thailand - Japan, Europe, The fruits of sweet tea - coffee amid the splendor of the Chao Phraya river at night from Thailand architecture invaluable lined along both banks include Wat Kalaya, Prang Wat Arun, Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew and bridges such as the Bridge of Rama 8 Bridge and watch the dancers Thailand (pantomime), enjoy music and singers to entertain every time you travel with. Wonderful Pearl.

    21:30 hrs.The ship returned to port at River City safely.

Child Policy:
For children under 2-4 years will be "Free" of charge.
For children mean 4-10 years old.
For children over 10 years old we charge of adult price.

Thai and International Buffet onboard of Wonderful Pearl, Entertained by Live Music Band and Thai Classic Dance.

Transfer, Items of a personal nature.

Duration : Everyday time start 19:20 hrs.

Foreign Market (Child 4-10 years old) - THB 1200
Foreign Market (AduIt) - THB 1500

We are the members of the major travel organizations in Thailand.

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