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Frost Magical Ice of Siam in Pattaya (Ticket Only) Code S-123

  • *** No hidden cost. Our prices are cheaper include all taxes, VAT and service charges. E-voucher Confirm ***

    Frost Magical Ice of Siam in Pattaya (Ticket Only)
    walk-in Adult price 600THB/Person.


    Open daily from 09:20 hrs. - 20:00 hrs.

    Frost Magical Ice of Siam, the Pattaya property market. Empire Ice, located on a total area of 30,000 square meters along the road Kratinglai - Pattaya. The exhibit, ice sculptures, carvings and sculptures of white. Tells the story of Thailand. Art and Culture of Thailand Through the concept and creation of the magnificent interior Frost Magical Ice of Siam divided into different areas, including.

    Frost Magical Ice of Siam Pattaya is offering a new attraction in Pattaya, the ice sculptures by world-class Thai artisans.

    Our spectacular giant ''White sand sculpture'' tell the story based on Thai fairy tale from historic era, the Himmapan. These include variety of creatures from Thai and Indian urban legend literature.

    Exclusive decorated sculptures of white sand sculptures bring the story. "Forest" is a wonderland of art and literature, the famous legend of Thailand and India.

    Hamapan in the form of white sand sculpture in the world. "Forest" Wonderland sculpture in the form of white characters paraded the animals in the forest creatures beyond imagination including over 30 of the International : Ornithological Karin, Kmpo, Unicorn, Fish Anon, Ehra etc.

    Zone The Himmapan Sand Sculpture Tells the story of the forest creatures. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the animals and plants, exotic species and reflect the beauty of art. Pattern exquisite paradise. It also reflects the uniqueness of Thailand clearly.

    Zone Siam Heaven carved ice sculptures and ice dome spectacular and largest in ASEAN. Tell a story about Siamese literature and culture of Thailand attractions Thailand. It also has a fun feel tourists include a waterslide, Eskimo ice house key zones of Love Ice Bar, where drinks are served with a glass of ice carving. Made private The temperature of -10 degrees Celsius to be called extreme cold heart.

    Encourage tourists to visit the Frost Magical Ice of Siam as. Prepare a thick, warm clothing Socks - Sneakers Winter gloves with because it will hang in the dome of ice time, but the way Frost Magical Ice of Siam also offers a winter coat in preparation to customers every day over 400.

Child Policy:
Child means a child whose height is 91-130 cm.
Child whose height is under 90 cm. is free entrance : not include overcoat and drink.

Remark : Customer under 90 cm. must pay cash only at Frost counter service to hire an overcoat : 80 THB and soft drink : 100THB.

Admission Ticket, Hired overcoat.

Transfer, All Meal and Soft drink in Ice Glass, Other services not mentioned in this program.

Duration : Open daily from 09:20 hrs. - 20:00 hrs.

Foreign Market (Child) Mean Taller between 91-130 cm. - THB 350
Foreign Market (AduIt) - THB 400

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