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Pattaya Floating Market (Entrance fee+Rowing Boat) Code S-106

  • *** No hidden cost. Our prices are cheaper include all taxes, VAT and service charges. E-voucher Confirm ***

    Pattaya Floating Market (Entrance fee+Rowing Boat)
    walk-in Adult price 800THB/Person.


    Open everyday 09.00 hrs. - 20.00 hrs.

    Charm of Water Watch the lifestyle of Thailand. Enjoy the "Floating 4 (Pattaya)".

    If you are looking for vacationing families and lovers of Thailand under an atmosphere that combines style home activities. Many gathered in one place. So you can enjoy in every square inch of space. The Floating 4 (Pattaya) would be the final answer for you.

    On the water-covered forest kg over 62 acres were created as the Floating 4 (Pattaya) project was developed as a tourist, cultural. The tourists, both Thailand and foreigners will come into contact with the ambiance of Thailand under house the 4 regions, located on the river.

    Here, visitors will get to witness the impressive service. And selected activities such as buying products. Both native folk fashion and Handmade. Or is it a delicious meal, a wide variety available in the house and the boat makes dating me back to the days of the life of a generation grandparents focused on trade and water transport is key.

    Travellers also added other activities to Floating 4 (Pattaya) to enjoy with the family, whether it is a Zipline Adventure. For families who love adventure. The cruise boat to experience the charm of the river. And enjoy a cruise to choose to eat food that is sold in the boat throughout the project. Water Buggi the player to take your kids. A fun and adventurous. The most beautiful lagoon of the project.

    If you want your kids to be more exciting adventures of Floating 4 (Pattaya) provides a haunted house. Everyone has to experience the terror, fear of ghosts and Thailand. Or be an exciting adventure with home Hanuman (HANUMAN MAGIC LAND) territory fun of everyone in the family. Up to a world of Hanuman World of fantasy of finding a solution to four different dimensions of color and unexpected. Those who prefer traditional weapon Floating 4 (Pattaya), it also has a sniper rifle, archery and crossbow shooting. To tourists who love them.

    Activities Floating 4 (Pattaya) is not just because of this latest project has been launched amphibious ships. Boat ship That will take visitors to experience the ride to nowhere before. The amphibious ships will take you on a cruise down the river to experience the beauty of the Floating 4 (Pattaya) and will also take you to the amazing run inland to experience life in Thailand rural area Floating 4 (Pattaya. ) (phase 3 and phase 4), which certifies that it will take you to the very experience will be an unforgettable one.

    With attention to the delight of tourists Floating 4 (Pattaya) does not cease to be developed to accommodate visitors will enjoy. And to Floating 4 (Pattaya) is more than tourism. We have developed projects in Phase 3 and Phase 4 to a source of learning. And for visitors to Thailand to study the way. The simulation shows the village lifestyle Thailand. The model village sufficiency in the area more than 16 hectares.

    Once you have set foot. That's what it found. Roof Ang To reflect on the lives of people in rural Thailand. The animal underneath the house. Growing vegetables Thailand and lifestyle much more. And the economic center. You'll see a mixed farming. Demonstration of household products made from plants. All of which is to live a life that followed Webber's royal Majesty itself.

    In addition to Shop Choosing taste delicious. There are also cultural performances Thailand. We have a dance show by the yard performances. And there will be a spectacular stage show large pool for visitors to appreciate the beauty of music and dance, Thailand. Visitors can trace the beginning of every hour visit. The first round begins at noon. This is not just We also show the punch. Fight the rare nowadays. Be fun just to touch on Floating 4 (Pattaya).

Child Policy:
For children under 2 years of age (heights are under 100 cm.) may enter the park "Free" of charge.
For children under 2 - 12 years (Children not Taller Than 120 cms.) we charge child price.
For children over 12 years old (Children Taller Than 120 cms.) we charge adult price.

Entrance fee + Rowing Boat (15 min).

Transfer, Meal, Other services not mentioned in this program.

Duration : Open everyday 09.00 hrs. - 20.00 hrs.

Foreign Market (AduIt) - THB 170
Foreign Market (Child not Taller Than 120 cms.) - THB 90

We are the members of the major travel organizations in Thailand.

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