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Pattaya Dolphin World (Ticket+ Private Transport Round trip) Code S-102

  • *** No hidden cost. Our prices are cheaper include all taxes, VAT and service charges. E-voucher Confirm ***

    Pattaya Dolphin World (Ticket+ Private Transport Round trip)
    walk-in Adult price 3500THB/Person.

  • Dolphin Show (Pattaya), Pattaya's largest dolphin show. Enjoy the dolphins, Thailand 2 species were bottlenose dolphins and dolphin species, the Pink Bat "show dolphins" Dolphin's cute. The Dolphins will have to watch the show. With the euphoria of the two dolphin species, more than 20 items and discounts. This is one time in your life time. You will be close friends with the dolphins. With great experience in "swim with dolphins" you snuggle close contact with nature, lovely friendly.


  • 08:30 hrs. Meet our driver at hotel's lobby in Pattaya (zone; Jomtiean - Pattaya - Naklua).

  • Depart from hotel to Enjoy Pattaya Dolphin World

    Pattaya Dolphin World Resort open daily from 9:00 - 18:00 hrs.

    Dolphin Show Times : 11:00,13:00,15:00,17:00 hrs.(45 minutes for show)

    Swiming With Dolphin Show Times : 09:45,11:45,15:45 hrs.(45 minutes for show). Note: Please booking before 3 days.

    Irrawaddy dolphins or porpoises (Irrawaddy dolphin) is no kind of dolphin snout (Beak) head a rounded appearance, blue-gray back and light gray on the belly. Common along the coast Irrawaddy porpoises found in both brackish and sea water to fresh water to the river. Ubon Salween River Hong And the lake Example 2 found dead along the gulf of Thailand. Common examples are found in the Andaman Sea, Satun and Krabi. It also found living in Phang Nga Bay and Krabi Bay. Gulf of Thailand in several provinces with size of about 2 to 2.75 m, the first adult was 1 meter long.

    Bottlenose dolphins (Bottlenose dolphin) are dark blue and gray. Pale pink or sometimes the stomach. Snout rather stubby spines rather large parabolic halfway back. Rather chunky shape Like swimming against the ship while sailing in the Sea bottlenose dolphins were divided into 2 groups are pronounced as a residential area and the Temperate form (Tursiops truncatus) and Tropical form (Tursiops aduncus) features the other is a point. Dark gray hairs on the body sides and belly. Bottlenose dolphins are behaving like a large ship as seen generally. Mature is from 2.3 to 3.1 meters long and 1.9 to 2.3 m. Bottlenose dolphins found in the waters of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand in general, which is small time.

  • 17:00 hrs. Arrive at your hotel in Pattaya.

Child Policy:
Child means a Child whose height is 91-140 cm. Child whose height under 90 cm. is free admission Dolphin Show only.

Air-conditioned vehicles with experienced driver, Transport, Admission Dolphin Show Only.

Swim with Dolphin, Meals, Guide, Tips or Gratuities to drivers, Other services not mentioned in this programme.

Duration : Everyday open daily from 09:00 - 18:00 hrs.

Private 2 Pax - THB 2900
Private 3-4 Pax - THB 1650
Private 5-6 Pax - THB 1265

We are the members of the major travel organizations in Thailand.

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