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Khon Hanuman (Thai Masked Dance) Ticket Only Code S-92


    Show : Every Thursday and Friday start 19.30-21.00 hours
    Khon-Thai Classical Masked Dance at the Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre.

    The performance will be premiered on 15th July 2010, and will regularly perform every Thursday and Friday at 19.30 hours at the Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre.(The accompanying English subtitles and runs throughout the show)

    The Khon-Thai Classical Masked Performance entitled "Pra Chakrawatan" during December 2005-July 2006, and "Hanuman Chankamhaeng"

    The Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre now proudly presents a new episode of Khon-Masked Dance entitled "Hanuman Becoming Phra Chakri's Devotee", an excerpt from Ramakien story.

    This spectacular episode has 60 performers, with elaborate dress specially designed for this specific dance. It involves highly traditional singing, dancing, acting, acrobatics and music.

  • Pantomime scene Chankamhaeng "Hanuman intense professional":

    Scene 1 was originally Hanuman mutiny : The pie was commanded by Lord Shiva. The power of God and divine weapons including machine scepter and degree to beat mouth she Swaha was her sacrifice damned to stand foot to pull the wind it is also Phanom universe, so that monkeys had power , which would be my army of Rama . And given the name " Hanuman " Hanuman brought by leap out. Swaha her mouth Ordered that Hanuman Nang Swaha Who 's body was found on a boatload earring fangs in the sandstones . He is an Avatar of Vishnu as Rama . I watered the military.

    Scene 2 ape weakly with cursed : Hanuman then on maternity leave Get into the air by power prowess. Uma went to see the garden after eating fruit and playing with youth . Uma was the weak effect found was anger cursed . Hanuman , as well as parts in the industry came to apologize. Uma was thus deferred to the poor . Have found that when Hanuman is incarnation of Vishnu as Rama . And head to tail Hanuman Hanuman is known prowess three times are back again.

    Scene 3 feed line to volunteer his way : When it comes to Rama as his mother told him. And power was restored by the industry already. Hanuman , Rama had volunteered to be investigating ways to Lanka.

    Scene 4 rescue Sita - Clear millenium Pediatrics : Once Lanka Hanuman went to meet her one were hanged himself. Knowing when to Sita. Hanuman to the rescue And volunteered to take her back to sit on the fabric by hand. Her, lest there be a gossip . By Giant among her coming to take back to macaques . She prayed to Hanuman , Rama came back to pick her Kgamsomutr . Before Hanuman would have broken the back garden. And killed him millenium Son of Ravana was dead.

    Feed line 5 scenes filled rock. Macha girl arrested : These soldiers Thanon Rama to cross to Lanka Crop reclamation . But filling the stone down to how much it's not even a road anymore. Sandstones down to see underwater Macha commanded his followers found her gold fish periodic cube stone. Leaving the behest of Ravana to hinder the building of this road . Macha Hanuman captured her first love and she is fertile . Then she ordered his followers to love Macha stone was left of the original . Rama 's army to cross into the box so successfully.

    6 favorite scenes elicit Ravana : Subjects to elicit superhero Hanuman , Rama , Ravana deposited with the Maharishi Ocbutr . Take recluse and pretended to entice the place yourself under care with Ravana . And invited to battle with Ravana , Rama center field.

    Scene 7 Ogre defeated Hanuman : On the chest to mid-field battle Hanuman lifted up by his appointment to the organization . To remove the box came to pass after a superhero . Ravana, Hanuman knew that was both embarrassed and angry troops back to check it out against each other to death to one side tomorrow.

    8 feed line parameters dominate the scene : When finished the war Lanka Hanuman was rewarded by Lord Rama alias Yusuf Schawan machine Krit Phiroon Kulsirapongsa . Ayutthaya has ruled the half But the reigning higher than honorable to Ayutthaya . Night dedicated to Hanuman Rama has given the city Nopburi to Hanuman.

Promotion : For children under 12 years of privileged free.

Include : Ticket Only.

Exclude : Transport, Dinner, Items of a personal nature.

Duration : Show on Thursday and Friday start 19.30-21.00 hours.

Foreign Market Rows A - E (1 - 5 front row) - THB 800
Foreign Market Row F - K (rows 6 -11) - THB 700
Foreign Market Row L - P (row 12 and seats upstairs) - THB 600

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